A few kind words from past students…

Clip from best of bay Creative Loafing
My amazing alumni took it upon themselves to campaign for me, resulting in my being runner up against professors from other, larger colleges and state universities for the “Best of the Bay” Reader Poll in Creative Loafing for 2012.

Instructors like Kerstin are extremely rare and incredibly unique. I would say “in a perfect learning environment this wouldn’t be the case,” but that would not be true either. Kerstin would still shine among the truly amazing for far more reasons than I could list in an acceptable amount of time. 

Her most outstanding qualities as an instructor, beyond her credentials that anyone could marvel at, is her addictive passion for what she does, her admirable design/illustration talents and her ability to connect with students on a level that pushes them to achieve so much more than they could imagine.

-Bri Dold, Creative Services Director at IMA

I was a student of Kerstin’s at the International Academy of Design and Technology. She’s not afraid to let you learn by your own mistakes, and will certainly let you know (in a helpful way!) when you make them. Of all the instructors at that school, I’d be hard pressed to find a single person who got more involved with their students. She played a large part in my decision to go freelance.”

-George Gumpert, Creative Director, Freelance Designer

I have seen myself grow immeasurably under your critical eye, developing a skill and talent I can truly call my own.Your mentoring, advice, critiques and real-world experience have given me what no reference or tome could ever offer, and for that I am eternally grateful.

– Thomas Jay, Design/Production at Speedpro Imaging


Your ability to make the students feel comfortable is remarkable. I remember always being excited to attend your class.”

You actually take the time to learn new things and to give great assignments that aren’t the same old stuff.

-Marti Martin, Production Guru at Knock Knock